Benefits of IOP

There are many advantages to an intensive outpatient program, when compared to traditional one-on-one therapy, such as follows:

  • Individuals can continue to carry out their regular activities and tend to their responsibilities, such as caring for family members, going to school, etc.
  • Individuals can continue to live at home. Note that sometimes, this isn’t an idea situation, other residence accommodations need to be made. This is discussed elsewhere in this guide.
  • Addiction, depending on the severity, requires intensive focus and a weekly hour of one-on-one sessions is not going to be enough. For instance, therapy may involve cultivating new skills and learning to work through difficult triggers. Such work requires constant and continuous feedback, to establish new and lasting habits.
  • IOP programs are much more affordable than residential treatment and participation is typically covered by health insurance.
  • IOP programs embed the individual in an environment with others who are sharing very similar situations. There is great benefit in the support of the group, especially when the IOP program purposefully cultivates the supportive environment.

IOP programs often involve participation of family and close friends.

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