Individual Counseling During IOP

While IOPs deeply rely on group sessions, individual counseling plays an equally important role. There are topics that may come up during a group that require in-depth work one-on-one with the psychologist. Additionally, some patients don’t have the ability or interest in working through issues in the presence of others. For instance, there often are co-occurring pathologies that play a role in the addiction that may not be relevant for others in the group. A patient may be learning about self-care and coping skills in a group setting while working in private sessions on how to break dependence from psychiatric medications. Additionally, it is common for clients who are nearing the end of the IOP program, to work in individual sessions on a tailored post-discharge plan of services for their particular situation.

Most IOP programs will be offered in a format that requires not only group participation during the week but also a minimum of 1 or more individual sessions every week. The same counselor who works in the group may or may not be the same counselor performing the individual session work. However, in facilities with multiple psychologists involved, there is case management that takes place behind the scenes so that all care providers are coordinating efforts for each individual participating in the IOP program.

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