IOP and Insurance Coverage

Many health insurances will cover IOP participation. Most States have laws that require coverage for such programs and for substance rehabilitation.

Every insurance is different but the insurance carriers who cover substance treatment will offer different levels of support based on the intensity and phases of treatment necessary. For instance, some will cover the detoxification phase for a period of time. Others will cover medication that can assist in abstaining and detoxing.

In terms of inpatient treatment, insurance carriers will typically cover 60 days of treatment per year. Also, some carriers will provide residential support for half-way houses, and residential facilities. The level of financial coverage can vary widely.

Note that many IOP centers do not take insurance at all and rely purely on cash-pay. Given the intensity of care and the length of a typical IOP program, it’s best to shop around and find programs that meet your needs, both from a personal fit and a financial one.

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